sh404SEF 1.5.10 build 446

sh404SEF 1.5.10 build 446

sh404SEF 1.5.10 build 446 Joomla Component + плагины не вошедшие в официальный релиз!

sh404SEF 1.5.10 build 446

Описание: sh404SEF - компонент для CMS Joomla 1.5, предназначенный для улучшения индексирования вебсайта (SEO-оптимизации) и придания URL-адресам более осмысленные имена. Этот "дружественный к поиску" (search-engine-friendly, SEF) компонент автоматически переименовывает URL-адреса PHP-страниц в удобочитаемый текст, удаляет из него ненужные символы и даже добавляет суффикс файла в его конец. Вобщем чудо-компонент прям.

[2010-05-05] Version
[bug] Query vars not properly restored on non-sef requests
[new] Added workaround for IIS using Index.php instead of index.php on some
[bug] Protection against Joomla module wrong home link on multilingual
sites would not work on other than home pages
[new] Allow returning proper http status code when site is offline
Tracker #135
[chg] Added cleaning of encoded ampersands on query vars

[2010-04-12] Version
[chg] Updated language files for 404 error page translations
Tracker #73
[chg] Kunena forum : id of post is now appended to url if user disable
'Insert post id', to allow editing, replying, etc to individual posts
[chg] Updated Russian translation
Tracker #127
[new] Ignore auto-redirect from non-sef to sef when no_html=1 param is used
(compat with Joomla 1.0.x style urls)
Tracker #20
[bug] Jomsocial plugin : cannot upload avatar for a group, url is same as
user avatar upload

2010-04-07 - Version
[new] Added short url to user profile for Kunena forum
[bug] & not properly handled in some cases
[new] Allow user to select Itemid for 404 page from the configuration, 404
page tab, instead of from Very adv. tab
Tracker #77
[new] Add Kunena forum support, with multiple backend settings
[new] Add new replacement characters for Romanian language
[new] Add Jomsocial plugin, plus many settings in backend
Tracker #71
[new] Add Chrono form plugin
Tracker #110
[chg] Use green color for backend message if $live_site is actually set
Tracker #109
[bug] Home page title does not use user set values
Tracker #111
[bug] Joomfish compatibility : sometimes menu items order can get mixed up
when changing languages
[bug] Notice error if insert article id is activated, but no article id is
supplied in url
[bug] Virtuemart sef plugin can generate notices if product does not have a
Tracker #104
[chg] Don't show append to title and prepend to title on home page, so that
user has full control on home page title
Tracker #108

2010-03-14 - Version
[chg] Updated russian translation. Thks Dmitry
Tracker #10
[new] Now can insert article id in url, based on category of article
Tracker #13
[new] Add "Hide duplicate urls" control in backend sef url list
Tracker #47
[bug] Custom urls are not checked for urls with no plugins
Tracker #103
[bug] Aliases were no checked for valid non-sef urls (helps in handling
migration from joomla 1.0.X sef url
Tracker #89,101
[bug] Custom urls are not checked for urls with no plugins
Tracker #103
[bug] Conflict between Joomfish and sh404sef : menus disappear when coming
back to default language
Tracker #92
[bug] Manually customized page title not taken into account for 404 page
Tracker #102

2010-01-25 - Version 1.5.6 Build 398
[bug] Pagination on cat and section blog don't always work
[chg] Better page numbers in frontpage page title, now replace - in pattern
string entered by user with spaces, so as to have Page 2 instead of
[new] Virtuemart meta_ext : add page number to page title for displays with
more than one page
Tracker #75
[bug] Multiple pages article have double "index" file
[bug] Multipage articles pagination don't work if Use smart page title is
[bug] Bad Itemid handling in some sef_ext plugins
Tracker #78
[bug] Similar url plugin shows some warnings
Tracker #81

2010-01-17 - Version 1.5.5 Build 388
[bug] Aliases are not encoded before being displayed for editing. Results
in corrupted data if some html caracters are present. Fixed provided
by mouloud
Tracker #1
[new] Add separate settings for controlling page title layout for Joomla
regular content. Also new setting for page title separator
Tracker #70
[new] Addeg support of TAG task in mosets tree plugin
Tracker #3
[chg] Typo in language file
Tracker #55
[chg] Main control panel : added reminder that attcks listed are those that
were blocked
Tracker #51,52
[chg] General usage of joomla libraries for file access, in order to use
FTP layer when activated. Not used for caching and logging
Tracker #48
[new] RSS feeds are now excluded from similar urls results
[new] Configuration of JCalpro SEF url plugin can be done now from control
Tracker #40
[new] Display warning if $live_site is not set in Joomla configuration.php
minor language changes for backend tooltips
Tracker #27
[chg] Refactoring of main utility class file
[new] Added check in case user has Joomfish but turns its router off, would
cause error
Tracker #39
[chg] Updated tooltips for 404 page selection : article must be published
Tracker #38
[new] Improved 404 pages handling : new plugin provides similar urls
suggestions to visitor. Updated 404 page layout
Tracker #36
[new] Language strings added for Virtuemart "parameter search"
[chg] New JPaginator object to fix pagination issue when number of items
per page is missing in url
Tracker #25
[chg] Updated language in text displayed after installation
[bug] Wrong language code added to custom urls if not entered by user
Tracker #37
[chg] Removed support files for old extensions : smf, fireboard, joomlaboard
[chg] Better page title on pages 2,3,... of frontpage. Now titles are
Tracker #7
[chg] Use category and section title instead of alias to build page title
Tracker #16
[chg] Wrong pagination when switching categories on Virtuemart pages
Tracker #24
[bug] Notice error when client has no User Agent string
Tracker #35
[chg] Wrong language inserted in meta tag on multilingual sites
Tracker #22
[] PHP 5.3 compatibility
[bug] Excessive filtering of script tags in content
Tracker #32
[chg] Turn multiple h1 into h2 can break css, is now off by default on new
Tracker #34
[new] Added a workaround for homepage link going to default language when
using Joomfish in non default languages (issue in mod_mainmenu)
[chg] Added check to prevent conflicts between old-style joomla 1.0.x sef
urls and current Joomla native sef urls when they start with
[chg] Updated built-in help page with respect to htaccess rules
Tracker #9
[chg] Removed unneeded code causing notice error on some sites, in
Tracker #8
[bug] Notice error because of non-initiliazed "block" variable in shSec.php

13/10/09 17:53 - Version 1.5.4 Build 302
[bug] Pagination error for some category lists pages situation
[bug] Infinite redirect loop if a request has both a missing trailing slash
and does not have correct case
[bug] SEF urls plugin is not included when supplied by third-party
extension directly
[chg] Added workarounds for pagination handling of category list, weblinks,
[bug] Better protection against infinite loops when auto-redirect from
Joomla 1.5 SEF to sh404sef is activated
[bug] Wrong logic when including plugins, would make use of router.php file
instead of built in plugin

27/09/09 12:45 - Version 1.5.3 Build 296
[new] Added some logging information
[chg] Joomla frontpage view sets wrong $limit value : added workaround to
have correct pagination
[bug] Cache manager : individuals urls were not removed from cache when
deleted from the backend
[chg] Auto-redirect from Joomla SEF to sh404sef is now off by default,
causes too many issues as there can be similar SEF urls giving
different non-sef
[chg] Prevented infinite loops when system plugin such as Moovur plugin
calls router->parse() from output buffering handler.
Also modified shSimpleLogger class to avoid php error in such
situations (cannot use print_r or var_dump from a ob callback)
[chg] Small performance improvement, removed duplicated check for cache
file existence (only applies on first page load before file cache is
actually stored to disk)
[bug] Adjusted to new default language configuration variable name in
Joomfish. Would cause incorrect default language detection
[chg] sh404sef database tables now created with utf8 character set.
Required for some languages
[chg] Performance enhancement, removed legacy code
[chg] Removed use of Joomla URI to build page title when no meta plugin for
sh404sef is present. Would cause issue with some languages as Joomla
applies transliteration to the URI elements
[chg] Updated tooltips text for meta management activation
Tracker #18094
[bug] Typo in English and Spanish language files
Tracker #18093
[new] Added workaround for bug in Joomla 1.5.14 login module (action url
for logout is relative). Would prevent users from loggint out when
not on the frontpage, if using module (logout menu option is fine)
[new] sh404sef will now perform an automatic 301 redirect from a Joomla SEF
url to its equivalent sh404sef SEF url
[new] Urls with case not matching the one used on the site will be
(optionnally) 301-redirected to the same url with the correct case.
ie will go to (or the
oppposite). Added new backend parameter to switch this on/off, under
Advanced tab of configuration
[chg] BY default, adding number of items per page to Virtuemart pages is
now on, instead of off
[bug] Incorrect use of Virtuemart $VM_LANG language strings object
Tracker #18066
[bug] Router.php files would not always be used if present
[bug] Deactivated auto-redirect from non-sef to sef url when using
index2.php, instead of using tmpl=component (Virtuemart does this for
instance, when editing in frontend)
Tracker #18061
[new] Added workaround for SOBI2 handling of # of items per page. Now read
from sobi configuration table and add number of items to end of url
if global sh404sef (Always append #items per page) is switched on.
This way, page content is always consistent against URL.
[new] Filter on sef url list now also searches in non-sef urls (ie can
filter for "com_content","com_user", "view=userlist" for instance)
[chg] Improved handling of Joomla and extensions not passing $limit value
in url. Now also using POST values.
Added new backend parameters to activate this handling : Always
append # of items.
[chg] Reverted to PHP4 compatibility
[bug] Wrong tooltip in some language files for UserAgent black list backend
Tracker #16118

[2009-09-10] Version
[chg] Updated language strings for backend sh404sef/router.php selector
[new] Support for Joomla router.php files. If a sh404sef native plugin is
found, it will be used. If not, then Joomla router.php will be used.
You can force one option or the other on a per component basis in
sh404sef backend, under the "By component tab" using the "Do not
override sef_ext" setting
[chg] More updated links to documentation and web site
[bug] Missing initial data for Very adv. tab in configuration
[chg] Adjusted some texts and links to support FAQ and forum
[chg] Renamed changelog file from changelog.txt to changelog.log
[bug] Bad path cause warning when uninstalling if 'preserve configuration'
option is off

Дата релиза: 2010-05-05
Разработчик: Yannick Gaultier
Сайт: _
Совместимость CMS: Joomla 1.5
Язык интерфейса: английский + русский
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