DOCman v1.5.7

DOCman v1.5.7

Обновлённая версия компонента DOCman для Joomla! 1.5!
Как многим уже стало известно данный компонент с версии 1.5 стал платным.

Совместимость: Joomla! 1.5.x
Комплектация: компонент + обновление с версий 1.5.x до 1.5.7

Version 1.5
Release 1.5.7 | 30 april 2010
Fixed "Call to undefined function apache_setenv" on IIS
Release 1.5.6 | 30 april 2010
Fixed #194 Background gradient on dark templates can be set in theme config
Fixed #170 Document table headers not sorting
Fixed #189 Local Name setting while transfer file is now required in backend
Fixed #169 Re-added, cleaned up, fixed email group feature
Fixed #209 Smarter filtering for files in backend
Fixed #107 Installation with FTP layer
Fixed #192 Batch upload relative path
Fixed #182 Couldn't delete filenames with quotes
Fixed #167 DOCman license not using JRoute class
Fixed #183 Downloading with IE7/8
Fixed: Wrong div class in latest down module
Release 1.5.5 | 9 march 2010
Fix - 403 error when author uses DOClink
Fix - Search form html anomality
Fix - Missing icons
Release 1.5.4 | 4 march 2010
Fix - a bunch of IIS regressions
Fix - Notices in Search
Fix - Problem uploading on IIS in some cases
Release 1.5.3 | 26 february 2010
Fix - Upgrade with FTP Layer
Fix - Issue with theme configuration not being found in some cases
Fix - User can no longer upload all file types not obeyed
Fix - Search results now point to correct menu items
Fix - Searching international characters
Fix - Missing icon in DOClink
Fix - Description vanishes in IE7, because of Joomla template dependence
Fix - Improved IIS compatibility drastically
Fix - DOClink takes into account multiple DOCman menu items
Fix - Unable to select unpublished category when creating document
Fix - More helpful info when configuring max upload filesize
Fix - Version check during install requires PHP5
Change - Refactored Help button to point to
Change - Removed email group
Note - Max documents limit in DOClink upped to 2500
Loading users in frontend is now twice as fast
Documents view is now 10% faster
Files view is now 60% faster
Release 1.5.2 | 20 january 2009
Assign multiple categories in modules
Auto publish & auto approve failed when category ID is used
Small performance gain when loading users
Documents owned by deleted users caused errors
Plugins did not show correctly in plugin manager
Greatly improved handling of special characters in file names
Various DOClink Fixes (enable on install, template background, exposing document names in some cases, ...)
Friendly "config not writeable" message
Added 'thumbnails' to Clear Data feature
Smarter versions checking
PHP5.3 compat:
Fixed call-time pass by reference
Replaced split with preg_split
Replaced ereg_replace with preg_replace
Replaced eregi with preg_match
Assigning the return value of new by reference
Release 1.5.1 | 16 december 2009
Fix - Category selection in Menu Manager
Fix - Frontend upload by registrated user
Fix - Language issue in Latest Downloads Module and Search Plugin
Fix - Memory issue in log view
Fix - Content Plugin configuration setting
Fix - Frontend thumbnail preview in frontend edit
Addition - Document title link options [None, Direct download, Details page] to default template
Improvement - Changed 'number of documents per page' configuration setting to a list (5-100, 5 step increments)
Release 1.5.0 | 9 december 2009
Removed legacy (Joomla 1.5 Native)
Complete new frontend default theme. Optimised to easily blend into any Joomla template.
Fully refactored administrator to fully match Joomla 1.5's native look and feel
DOCLlink, search plugin and modules are now included in the package and installed automatically
Performed a full security audit
Performance optimizations (link)
Many minor improvements based on feedback from community

Note : This version only support Joomla 1.5.x

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